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Gemstone Chip Beads

We offer a great selection of semi-precious gemstone chip beads. Chip beads are also sometimes referred to as "gemstone nuggets".

The chips come in two basic size categories: Mini-chips and 'Regular' size. Although they can have larger sizes available but not so often. All chips have a smooth finish with somewhat good polish . Chips on the same strand will vary in size by a few millimeters.

Strand Lengths

The strand lengths and stringing methods vary widely . Most of the "full" 32 inch strands are continuous (in a loop); some will be as long as 34" or 36" - but we call them 32" - that way you might get more but never less than you expect. Mini-chips are usually strung on shorter strands, they vary from 14" to 16" (abbreviated: 14-16" Strand), depending on the supplier. Occasionally, the mini-chips will also be available in the longer continuous loop strands - if so, the length will be stated.

Full strand lengths for some of  these chip bead strands will be at least 32" (unless otherwise marked) and may occasionally be up to 36". They all are continuous strands.

" Item s Are Sold by the String "
14-16"  = $7.95 - $10.00 /str
 32-36" = $15.00 - $20.00 / str

Amazonite Chips
 SGD15.00 / 34-36" String

Gemstone Chips = Amazonite

Amethyst Chips

Gemstone Chips = Amethyst

Ametrine Chips

Gemstone Chips = Ametrine

Blackstone Medium Chips

Gemstone Chips = Blackstone Medium

Botswana Agate Chips

Gemstone Chips = Botswana Agate

Tiger's Eye Chips

Gemstone Chips =Tiger's Eye Chips

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Blue Goldstone Chips

Red Brecciated Jasper Chips

Camel Agate Chips

Carnelian Chip Beads

Chalk Turquoise Chips

Sodalite Chips

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Cherry Quartz Medium Mix

Cherry Quartz Chips

Chinese Turquoise Chips

Citrine Chips

Crazy Lace Agate

Red Tiger's Eye Chips

Crystal Quartz Chips

Dyed Blue Coral Tips

Opalite Chips

Garnet Chips

Goldstone Chips

White MOP Chips

Green Aventurine Chips

Green Cat's Eye Chips

Hematite Chips

Labradorite Chips

Lapis Lazuli Chips

White Cat's Eye Chips

Leopard Jasper Chips

Moonstone Chips

Mixed Fiber Optics Chips

Lime Green Chalk Turquoise Chips

Malachite Chips

Tourmalinated Quartz Chips

Mixed Citrine/Garnet/Peridot Chips

Natural MOP Chips

Olive Jade Chips

Orange Dyed Coral Chips

Orange Dyed Howlite Chips

Turquoise Dyed Howlite Chips

Peridot Chips

Pink Cat's Eye Chips

Orange Cat's Eye Chips

Purple Dyed MOP Chips

Purple Fluorite Chips

Smoky Quartz Chips

Rainbow Fluorite Chips

Red Coral Cuppollini Tips

Rose Quartz Chips

Red Coral Chips

Red Aventurine Chips

Rhodonite Chips

Ruby Zoisite Chips

Russian Amazonite Chips

Sandstone Chips

Serpentine Jade Chips

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